Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1Does the Decorate Printer print directly on the drinks, eatables and flowers?
Yes, the Decorate Printer is a Direct To Surface (DTS) Printer, so it prints directly on drinks that have foam/froth. In case of eatables is prints on all surfaces including frosting and chocolate. Also the coloured ink does not harm or shortens the life of the flower while printing on it.  
2Can a Decorate Printer print on any drink?
All drinks that have foam/froth can, like Cappuccino, Latte, Frappuccino, Shakes, Juice, Smoothies etc. The foam/foam will function like a canvas or paper.  
3How long does it take to print?
Very fast. About 20 seconds, depending on the image and print settings.
4Are the printouts safe to consume?
Yes, they’re safe to consume. The ink used for printing is food coloring that is safe for consumption.
5Besides drinks, can it print on cakes and flowers also?
Absolutely, you can use Decorate™ FoodNote to print on donuts, hamburgers, small tarts, biscuits, ice cream, macaroons, marshmallows. Decorate™ PetalPen can be used to print on flowers.
6Does the print affect the taste of the drink or food?
No, because the ink used is very little (less than 0.1 ml per cup), and it is made from food coloring ingredients that are tasteless.


1Does the package include coffee making equipment also?
No, the package only contains a printing system.
2What about product warranty and after sales support?
We provide a 12 month warranty on all our printers, along with telephone support services. Apart from this we have our service centers in all major towns and cities with spare availibility. We also provide technical visits to your location, you only need to bear the transportation and hotel costs. So if help is needed at the location, whether it's retraining or service, we are ready to help you.
3What is not covered by the Warranty?
Not all is covered by warranty, such as: Ink, cartridges and refill tools. Anything that is not in our control such as natural disasters, fire/water/mechanical damage (falling) during shipment or on location, damage due to rats, cockroaches etc. or thieves. The PC/Tablet Windows 10 computer is therefore covered by the vendor himself.   
4In addition to being a fun element, how else can this printer help me with?
The printer is more than just a fun element (printing selfies or socializing in a more elegant way) it can also be a GREAT MARKETING TOOL such as increasing the value of your brand/logo image, excellent promotional tool for campaigns/events/offers.


1If the ink runs out, how to refill it?
Refilling ink is easy and will be taught during training. If your staff can make drinks, they can definitely refill their own cartridges. Just take the stamp off, inject, and then close it again.
2I live in a remote area, what if there are problems?
You can use our after sales support services which are available 3 times a year during the warranty period, to come to the location. Although transportation and hotel fees are exclusive, services are inclusive in the package.
3What if I need start-up assistance and on-site training?
You can take advantage of our staff's 3x visit to the location for a year. At the location, they can help you to train your staff, as well as standby at start-up. You only need to cover the transportation and hotel costs. Our staff fees are free. PS: You can use it up to 3 times a year for example for retraining your staff, doing repairs / service, etc. (if needed)